This training is offered in the form of face-to-face training.


How to register ?
Can be booked on this page, in English or in French.
MiFID II Training Modules
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Click on the language (delivery in English / en Français) of the training title of your choice  to view the content of each module and register directly on each module's page.
Certifications (Final Examination)
Can be booked on this page, in English or in French.
The MiFID II Training Programme by House of Training has been specifically designed to fulfill the Luxembourg MiFID II Knowledge and Competence criteria as set out in CSSF Circulars 17/665 and 17/670, and has received the CSSF accreditation.

In light of the heterogeneous requirements that MiFID II in-scope entities may have, the MiFID II programme described hereafter is based on a blended learning approach with 12 independent modules, composed of 9 instructor-led courses and 3 e-learning courses.

The programme can be booked as a one-stop solution for an in-scope entity’s external MiFID II training programme or adapted to the specific needs of an in-scope entity. In the latter case, entities with specific needs freely choose which of the modules they want their employees to participate in. Firms booking the one-stop solution or selected modules can propose to their employees to pass a test at the end of the programme and, upon successful passing of the test, they will be awarded with a MiFID II certification for professionals providing investment information. A specific course and test for professionals providing investment advice can further be booked and will validate the necessary theoretical skills for any professional active in investment advisory services.
Target Audience

The persons concerned by the MiFID II Certification Training Programme are all persons placed under the authority of a professional (or acting on his behalf) subject to prudential supervision by the CSSF, i.e. individuals providing investment advice (“Advisory profile”) or information (“Information profile”) on financial instruments, investment services or ancillary services to clients.

Certificate of participation and knowledge assessments

All following modules include the delivery of a certificate of participation (to be downloaded from the client portal).
The programme is presented in English as the course material is exclusively written in English (regardless of the language of delivery). According to your choice, the module delivery will be either in English or in French.

These training courses are eligible for the co-financing Law in Luxembourg.

- Select your module(s) from the programme below.
- Click on the language (delivery in English / en Français) of the training title of your choice  to view the content of each module and register.

Modules 1 to 10: Mandatory courses (without diagnostic)
Information profile (total: 61 hrs) and Advisory profile (total: 69 hrs)

Module 1 (4 hrs) : Framework Overview (delivery in English / en Français)
Module 2 (8 hrs) : Overview of International Financial Markets (delivery in English / en Français)
Module 3 (8 hrs) : Debt instruments (delivery in English / en Français)
Module 4 (8 hrs) : Equities (delivery in English / en Français)
Module 5 (8 hrs) : Derivatives (delivery in English / en Français)
Module 6 (12 hrs) : Investment Funds (delivery in English / en Français)
Module 7 (8 hrs) : Risk, Compliance, Regulations (delivery in English / en Français)
Module 8 (8 hrs) (Advisory profile only !) : Investment Advisory Services (delivery in English / en Français)
Module 9 (2 hrs): MiFID II Latest updates (delivery in English)
Module 10 (3 hrs): MiFID II Reloaded e-learning (delivery in English)

Modules 11 and 12: Optional E-learning Courses

Module 11 (4 hrs) : International Financial Markets (delivery in English)
Module 12 (2 hrs) : Financial Mathematics (delivery in English)

Participants are required to answer correctly at least 70% of the questions integrated in both e-learning modules in order to successfully pass modules 11 and 12.

Although participants will be able to access the e-learning courses at all times and work through the courses at their own speed, it is expected that they should need approximately 6 to 8 hours (1 day) to complete both courses.

Modules delivery: English or French
Course materials: English
Diagnostic: English or French
Certifications: English or French
Venue and dates
The courses take place at the Training Center of House of Training, in the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg. 
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg

Our MiFID II Brochure can be downloaded here.


Course Material

Please note that for environmental reasons no paper version of the training material will be provided for your training. The course material can be downloaded free of charge via your portal before the start of the course (download the Client Portal User’s Guide here). You will be able to view it on the screen of your mobile device or print it if necessary. If your registration has been made by a training manager of your company please contact him/her so that he/she can give you access to it or send it to you.

Diagnostic and Certifications
Candidates can assess their current knowledge level by performing a diagnostic, helping them to determine which modules are recommended.
A diagnostic can be booked on this page, in English or in French.
Candidates willing to receive a MiFiD II Certification will have to pass a final examination at the end of the MiFID II Training Programme. The final assessment (Examination type «Multiple choice») has a target rate set at 60%.

Candidates that only attended several modules of the programme have also the possibility to participate in this final Certification.

Certification for "Information Profile"A candidate successfully passing the Certification assessment will be awarded with a “MiFID II certification for professionals providing investment information”.

Certification for "Advisory Profile"Candidates successfully passing the Certification assessment will be awarded with a “MiFID II certification for professionals providing investment advice”.

Certifications can be booked on this page, in English or in French.

Sessions and schedules

Duration 2H30

Location Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

  • Tue 30.04.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 07.05.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 14.05.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 21.05.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Thu 23.05.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 04.06.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 11.06.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 25.06.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Thu 27.06.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 02.07.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 09.07.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 17.09.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 24.09.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Thu 26.09.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 01.10.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 08.10.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 15.10.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 22.10.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Thu 24.10.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 05.11.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 12.11.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 19.11.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 26.11.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Thu 28.11.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 03.12.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 10.12.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Tue 17.12.2024 08:45 to 11:45
  • Thu 19.12.2024 08:45 to 11:45