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The objective of the training is to give the most up-to-date information on MiFID II.

  • Introduction

    • What is MiFID II

    • Main Organisational requirements

    • Main Investor protection requirements

    • Market Infrastructure

  • Targeted amendments to MiFID II/ MiFIR

    • Provision of information

    • Investment research and SME markets

    • Product Governance

    • Commodities markets

    • Transparency

    • Data

    • Competition and single rule book for execution venues

    • Exemptions

  • IFR and IFD

    • Change in capital requirements

    • Remuneration rules

  • Guidelines

    • Governance

    • Product Governance

    • Suitability and appropriateness

    • Remuneration

    • Others

  • Sustainability requirements and operating conditions

    • Green Deal

    • Sustainability and duties towards investors

    • Sustainability and operating conditions

  • Conclusion and way forward

Target Audience

The persons concerned by the Training Programme are all persons placed under the authority of a professional (or acting on his behalf) subject to prudential supervision by the CSSF, i.e. individuals providing investment advice (“Advisory profile”) or information (“Information profile”) on financial instruments, investment services or ancillary services to clients.


Experienced professional specialists selected on the basis of their in-depth knowledge of markets and financial products under MiFID rules I and II, and ESMA criteria.


Course Material

The training material will be handed out at the beginning of the course.

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Sessions et horaires

Télécharger le planning (PDF)

  • Tue 14.05.2024

    09:00 à 11:00


    MIFID II Latest updates


Télécharger le planning (PDF)

  • Fri 20.09.2024

    09:00 à 11:00


    MIFID II Latest updates


Télécharger le planning (PDF)

  • Fri 15.11.2024

    09:00 à 11:00


    MIFID II Latest updates