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Capital Markets and Financial Instruments Certificate (CAMFIN) (certified path)

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With the technical expertise of ICMA Luxembourg region, the House of Training organizes a high standard one-week residential training seminar in Luxembourg about capital markets and financial instruments.

The primary objective of this practically orientated programme is to enable participants to thoroughly deepen their knowledge of the international financial markets, instruments and implications.

All of the different training units are held by experts in the respective fields of activity and networking with both trainers and co-participants is considered to be a highly important added-value.

Structure and Contents

In order to help the course attendants to refresh the required level of fundamental knowledge in financial markets and financial mathematics 2 distinctive e-learning/distance learning programmes are put at their disposal at least 1 month before the start of the actual seminar.

They are required to validate their knowledge by delivering the final test at the end of these training courses.

The actual seminar is divided in 4- or 8-hour training units covering the following subjects:

  • Practical Applications and Bond Portfolio Management
    • Return expectations
    • Management Strategies
    • Diversification
    • Currency as asset class
    • Performance contributors and measurement
  • Financial Analysis
    • Equities: definitions, different markets, attributes
    • Stock market quotation and orders
    • Biggest stock markets, biggest indices, Euronext, Luxembourg
    • How to create a stock index
    • Stocks in portfolio management
    • Stock market aggregates, Sectorial distribution
    • Stock market and Equity valuation
    • Technical analysis
    • Relevant websites
  • Repos and Swaps
    • Repos
      • Definition
      • Flow Chart
      • Terms of the agreement
      • Collateral
      • Margins
      • Manufactured dividend
      • Market participants
      • Repo types
      • GC & Special
        • Swaps
          • Definition & characteristics , types
          • Market share
          • Currency swaps
          • CDS example
          • IRS characteristics
          • IRS cash flows
          • IRS quotation
          • Curves
          • Swap pricing mechanics
          • Constructing the short end
          • Constructing the long end
          • Zero curve examples
          • Curve adjustments
          • Interpolating the curve
          • Intermaturity spreads
          • Bond hedging
          • Forward starting swaps
          • Pricer example
          • Currency interest rate swaps
          • Beyond plain vanilla swaps
            • Options
              • Definitions & terminology
              • Pricing variables
              • 4 basic strategies & their risk and Reward
              • Exercises - using options in Portfolio Management
  • Structured products
    • Introduction, options, yield curves
    • Capital guaranteed structures
    • Reverse convertibles
    • More exotic structured products
    • Pricing and documentation - beware of the dangers
    • Exercises - understanding real life products
  • Securities Clearing, Settlement and Custody
    • Securities
    • Clearing, Settlement & Custody
    • Future Issues
      • Risk Management
      • The current market turmoil : origin of the crisis and features
      • Choosing a risk management strategy
      • The Risk Management framework and lessons learned during the crisis
      • Organisational and operational aspects for the Risk Management unit
      • Market risk, credit risk, operational risk and liquidity risk from the bank’s perspective
      • Risk systems and lessons learned during the crisis

Audience and objectives

The educational programme has been designed for both front and back-office personnel having a good basic knowledge of the markets, products and financial mathematics; as well as a practical experience of several years in the banking and financial sector. 

The ICMA Financial Markets Foundation Qualification offered in collaboration with ICMA Centre, University of Reading, or equivalent knowledge is a highly recommended prerequisite.



The knowledge acquired in the seminar will be validated through an examination. The examination is based on a Multiple Choice questionnaire of approximately 80 questions. The passing rate is at 50 %. Successful candidates will be granted a certificate.


The CAMFIN Training is exclusively offered in English (delivery and course material content).


The following mandatory procedure must be strictly observed by each participant, with no exception:

The seminar takes place in residence at Mondorf Domaine Thermal, Mondorf-les-Bains. More details are available at www.mondorf.lu .

The participants’ bedrooms are booked from Monday until Friday by the House of Training upon registration, and are included in the price. They are required to check in the first morning of the course.

A number of wellness facilities (fitness room, swimming pool, sauna…) are at the disposal of the participants for relaxation at the end of the day.

The examination session is held at the Training Centre of the Chamber of Commerce, 7, rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg.

Online registration

Registrations and payment for this training are made online. Please click on the green button “Inscription”.


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