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The half-day training programme equips participants with an understanding of the rapidly developing area of Business and Human Rights (BHR). Through interactive exercises and case studies, the module engages participants to acquire an understanding of key BHR concepts and their functioning in practice and enables them to critically evaluate their own business practices with regard to BHR.


After the training the participant will:

  • have a clear understanding of key business and human rights concepts

  • gain an in-depth knowledge of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs)

  • gain an insight into the different elements of human rights due-diligence

  • gain insights in to the latest legal and policy developments that relate to Business and Human Rights – including Luxembourg’s National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights as well as the developments in the EU context.

  • Gain an understanding of how leading companies are implementing business and human rights standards in various contexts and industries, and be able to compare and critically evaluate own organisation’s practices to those businesses that are leading in the field.  


  • Introduction to key concepts and principles

  • Case studies

  • In-depth discussions

Target Audience

Corporate professionals working at any size business entity, including operations managers, directors, corporate social responsibility (CSR) officers, legal counsels, supply chain/procurement managers, human resources, public relations, compliance or audit/risk managers


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jeu. 17.01.2019 à 09h00

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Introduction to Business and Human Rights

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