Cybersecurity breakfast

29 May 2017

This concerns ALL of us

The new technologies provide us with many possibilities, but they also oblige us to face up to a number of risks connected with the information society. Every day we are exposed to impacts, vulnerabilities and threats capable of bringing ICTs to their knees, in both our professional and private lives. It is essential to be able to recognise threats and know how to deal with them – or, better still, how to avoid them.

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Companies and employees are facing cybersecurity exactly as  soldiers, firemen or pilots are dealing with incidents in their fields. They all need to train again and again and be ready if an incident happens or be able to prevent it. 

Based on these premises, there are three steps to become fit for cybersecurity: 

  • Acquiring knowledge > traditional courses

  • Acquiring know-how > simulations

  • Acquiring reflex > round table and simulations

  • During the Cybersecurity Breakfast #16, we will present you the existing offer in Luxembourg and show you how professionals can benefit from it.

Please register by clicking on this link.

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