Coronavirus COVID-19: Guide to the health precautions taken and to be observed for all training sessions carried out by the House of Training and within the Training Centre of the Chamber of Commerce

Always Keep a Safe Distance

  1. In general, always maintain a safe distance from anyone you meet  (2 metres) .

  2. Safe distances have also been established at all workstations for both students and trainers: 2 metres of distance separate students from their neighbours on each side, and 2 metres of distance from those in front and behind (not face to face). The trainer is positioned in such a way as to guarantee a sufficient distance from the students.

  3. The staff of the House of Training will also take all necessary precautions in terms of maintaining sufficient distance.


Please bring your own protective mask(s). Wearing a mask is compulsory inside our Training Centre, as well as in the training rooms if the number of people is more than 10.between 11 and 200. Wearing a mask is recommended if the number of people is between 1 and 10.


No office supplies are provided (notepads, pens, etc.), and the course material is sent to you by e-mail or added to your online Learner Space BEFORE the training. Please bring all the equipment you require (including your own computer if you are the trainer).


Table de Mercure

The restaurant "la Table de Mercure" offers take-away service. Access is given without Covid Check, but the safety measures need to be respected.

Service at the counter is offered without Covid Check, but the safety measures need to be respected. The relaxation area (seating) of the cafeteria is not accessible.

Hydroalcoholic gel

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available at several locations within the Training Centre and, in particular, at the entrance of each training room and in the sanitary facilities.

Disinfection of furniture

Tables and chairs, but also keyboards and mice, used during training or exam sessions are fully disinfected at the end of each session.


Elevators should only be used by two people at a time, unless otherwise indicated.

Prevention signs

Prevention signs are posted at various places throughout the Training Centre. Please be sure to comply with all safety rules mentioned therein.


The "toilet" rooms should only accommodate one person at a time. Please keep your mask on and maintain safe distances when passing other people.

Aeration / ventilation

As the ventilation system continuously aerates the premises (suppling 100% fresh and filtered air), it is not recommended to open the windows. Also, the doors should remain closed as much as possible to avoid drafts.