The Virtual Classroom: Best Practices

Below you will find a set of preparatory steps which should provide you with a more relaxed experience when participating in any on-line training organized by the House of Training:

Connection to the virtual classroom:

Once you are registered for a House of Training virtual class, you will receive an invitation by email no later than 24 hours prior to the start of the training session. If you accept this invitation, the details will automatically be added to your calendar. Otherwise, keep the email notifying you of the registration confirmation for on-line learning, which contains a button for accessing the virtual class. Next, we invite you to follow the below guide in order to join the training 15 minutes before the actual start of the course.

Tools and installation:

Many of the on-line training courses offered by the House of Training will be delivered via a dedicated service. You simply connect to the virtual classroom via your browser.

Microphone and camera:

The use of your device's microphone and camera (PC, tablet or mobile) is recommended in order for you to be able to interact during the training. Check that they are in good working order before the start of the training.

Test your camera here 

Test your microphone here 

Note: it is possible that your company's cybersecurity policy could impact the proper functioning of the virtual classroom or other web conferencing tools. We therefore advise you to contact your IT department and inform them that you will be taking an on-line training course. 

Connection and speed:

When possible, avoid connecting your computer to a Wi-Fi network. Instead use a connection via an Ethernet cable which will generally provide better stability, even if your current Wi-Fi network is usually reliable. When using Wi-Fi, it is recommended that you stay close to your access point. To test your connection, use an online test service.

Test your connection here

VPN and internal security policies:

Your company may have implemented security measures that could impact your access to on-line learning courses. Please contact your IT department a few days before the training to gather any necessary information and confirm access to the virtual classroom. For any additional questions, please contact us at:

It is better to avoid using a VPN when you are taking an on-line training course. Remember to disconnect your VPN before beginning the training.


Please note that it is strictly forbidden to record the on-line training course. Any unauthorized recording will be considered a copyright infringement and subject to legal proceedings.