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Entrepreneuriat & Gestion d'Entreprise

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IMPORTANT: All registrations are subject to a prior application through a free interview with the House of Entrepreneurship.



Do you have a project idea and wish to embark on entrepreneurship? Our collective coaching programme “Idea Emergence” is designed for you! For two weeks, you will be guided by an experienced trainer who has experienced the realities of entrepreneurship in the field. You will gain access to tools and valuable content to boost your creativity and reveal your entrepreneurial DNA.

Join our small group of participants to create synergies and exchange ideas. Discover innovative techniques to differentiate your business in the market and enhance its added value. Our entrepreneurial ideation cycle includes a “kick-off” session and 5 sessions of collective exchange and reflection.

Finally, we will conclude the cycle with an online debriefing session to assess your achievements and help you take action. So, are you ready to reveal your entrepreneurial potential and build a project that reflects you? Join our “Idea Emergence” coaching cycle and bring your vision to life!


This cycle is guided by individual support provided by the House of Entrepreneurship as part of the SEED programme, including an initial and final personalised evaluation of the entrepreneur's situation. The entire program is free, subject to application. To access the collective coaching cycle “Idea Emergence”, the entrepreneur must submit a request for support and start a SEED programme through the House of Entrepreneurship:

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At the end of the collective coaching cycle, participants will be able to:

  • Position their idea in the targeted market based on desirability, feasibility, viability, and profitability (and/or sustainability).

  • Understand the reality of the entrepreneurial profession.

  • Consolidate the next steps to follow if the primary feasibility of their project is confirmed.

In general, the proposed collective coaching cycle aims to promote the emergence of ideas based on “startup” world approaches, applicable to all types of entrepreneurial projects.


The training is spread over 2 weeks:

Kick-off (1.5 hours in person, noon)
  •     Presentation of the program and speakers

  •     Brief presentation of support services for entrepreneurs in Luxembourg

  •     Roundtable with project leaders

  •     Question and answer session

Session 1: Demystifying Entrepreneurship (2 hours online, evening)
  • What is an entrepreneur?

  • Impact on private life

  • Paradigm shift

  • Principles of effectuation

  • Preparing the project in advance, but not too much

  • Exchanges and sharing of desires/fears

Session 2: Modelling Your Project - Part 1 (2 hours online, evening)
  • Study the primary viability of the project:

  • Structure and challenge your idea with the Viability/Feasibility/Desirability (and Sustainability) Diagram

  • Take on a real challenge with the “Problem-Solution fit” Prism. The underlying idea is to understand the real value of your project

  • Reflect on the feasibility/profitability of the project and the creation equation

  • Introduction to preparatory work on 2 elements for the next module

Session 3: Modelling Your Project - Part 2 (2 hours in person, noon)
  • Presentation, challenge of prepared elements, and feedback,

  • ABC of the pitch: how to present my project clearly,

  • Introduction to the Business Model Canvas (Lean SC alternative)

“Cultural entrepreneurship” break: remote, autonomously (sending videos testimonies from entrepreneurs, articles, guides, etc.)

Session 4: Basics of Market Research (2 hours online, evening)
  • Understand the purpose of market research

  • Understand the difference between qualitative vs. quantitative research + TAM/SAM/SOM

  • Basics of quantitative research vs. creation equation

  • Be able to define your typical customer personas

  • Introduction to Lean Startup philosophy

  • Learn how to conduct a customer/user questionnaire

Session 5: Learn from Your Experience to Effectively Prepare Tomorrow's Professional Project - Exchange Workshop (2 hours in person, noon)
  • Establish a constructive assessment of past professional experiences: identify successes, failure factors, and key lessons.

  • Evaluate the relevance of your idea in light of sessions 1 to 4.

  • Collective roundtable of ideas for effectively transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur or bouncing back with a new business after a failure.

Note: Individual debriefing and next steps will be discussed as part of the personalized support provided by the House of Entrepreneurship.

Closing Session (1 hour online, noon)
  • What do I remember?/my learnings

  • Satisfaction with the coaching cycle

  • Proficiency in basic computer tools

  • Have a computer (PC or Mac) and an internet connection

  • Be motivated and committed to the follow-up that will be done at home

  • Have completed a discovery interview with the House of Entrepreneurship to validate the stage of progress necessary for participation in this training


Support de cours

Le support de cours sera délivré en début du cours.


At the end of the training, participants will receive a certificate of attendance issued by the House of Training and House of Entrepreneurship.

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