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   Cette formation est proposée sous forme de formation à distance. En savoir plus


  • Create and manage long documents


  • Structure

    • Structure a document with Heading Styles and the Navigation Pane

    • Changing heading levels

    • Moving a header in the navigation pane

  • Formatting

    • Creation and use of Themes

    • Creation and use of Styles and Style Sets

  • Table of contents

    • Creating a table of contents using heading styles

    • Modifying the formatting of a table of contents

    • Update / delete a table of contents

  • Index

    • Mark index entries

    • Create a concordance file

    • Generate the index

  • Create a document from multiple documents

    • Use master documents

    • Insert a subdocument inside the current document

  • Sections

    • Add section breaks

    • Modify a section

    • Suppress a section

  • Illustrations

    • Import elements from other Office softwares (Excel, PowerPoint, …)

    • Create a table of figures

    • Insert Illustrations in a long document

    • Add a cover page

En collaboration avec :

Key Job


  • Basic knowledge of Word


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Word 2016 Long Documents

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