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Access 2013, 2016, 2019, 365 ProPlus - Fundamentals


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Be able to understand and create the structure of an Access database.

  • Environment

  • General topics

    • Launching Microsoft Access

    • Exiting Microsoft Access

    • Using/Managing the Ribbon

    • Displaying/Hiding the tool tip texts

    • Navigation pane

    • Customising the Quick access toolbar

    • Moving the quick access toolbar

    • Cancelling/Restoring the manipulations

  • Help

    • Searching help by using keywords

  • Databases

    • Thinking about the database purpose

    • Creating a new database

    • Opening/Closing a database

    • Managing the prior database formats

    • Compacting and repairing a database

    • Saving a database

  • Introduction to database objects

    • Access database objects: tables, queries, forms, reports …

    • Modifying the display/items order

    • Searching an object

    • Managing the objects

  • Tables

    • Table structure

      • Creating a table

      • Modifying the structure of the table with the Design/Datasheet view

      • Modifying field properties

      • Creating a list of values

      • Creating a multivalued list based on permanent data

      • Indexing a table

      • Defining a primary key

    • Relationships between the tables

      • Establishing a relationship between two tables

      • Managing database relationships

      • Displaying/ Modifying linked data in a sub-datasheet

  • Data management

    • Records

      • Entering information in the datasheet

      • Managing the datasheet

      • Adding/ Modifying/ Deleting a record

      • Sorting data

      • Filtering the information

      • Adding/Hiding a total row in a datasheet

      • Inserting a hyperlink

      • Searching a value in the records

      • Replacing a value

    • Data printing

      • Using the print preview

      • Modifying print margins and orientation

      • Printing an object

  • Queries

    • Selection queries

      • Creating a query based on a single table

      • Creating a multi-table query

      • Defining query properties

      • Managing the Design grid

      • Running a query

      • Defining criteria

      • Defining a parameter

      • Modifying the join type in a multi-table query

      • Creating a non-matching query by using the assistant

      • Creating a query which allows to find duplicates by using the assistant

      • Inserting a calculated field in a query

  • Creation of forms and reports

    • Creating a Form

      • Creating an instant form

      • Creating a form with the assistant

      • Displaying a form in design view

    • Creating a Report

      • Creating a report by using the assistant

      • Sorting data

      • Creating Labels by using the Report’s wizard

      • Modifying the labels page setup

      • Printing a report for some records

      • Grouping records

      • Inserting a summary calculation in a report


Basic Windows skills


Course Material

The training material will be handed out at the beginning of the course.


Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of participation issued by the House of Training.


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