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  • Format a list as a table, use standard and advanced filters, sort a list, use database functions
  • Introduction & Format as Table

    • Definition and rules to follow when building a list

    • Freeze panes

    • Remove duplicates

    • Format a list as table

    • Name a table

    • Add a totals row to a table

    • Calculated columns & structured references

  • Sorts and Filters

    • Sort by values

    • Sort by multiple criteria

    • Sort by colors

    • Autofilter

    • Filter by values

    • Filter by color

    • Advanced Filters

    • Extract data

  • Database functions

    • Build criteria ranges

    • Use database functions in formulas: DSUM, DAVERAGE, DMAX, DMIN…

  • Basic Excel knowledge


Support de cours

Course material will be provided at the beginning of the course.

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  • mar. 27.09.2022

    13:30 à 17:00


    Excel - Managing data lists

    Classe virtuelle