Introduction to Data Analytics


At the end of this training unit, the participants will have a good understanding of 

  • Concepts of Data Analytics and Big Data
  • Issues that Data Analytics can solve
  • Competencies needed
  • Business applications of Data Analytics
  • Promises and pitfalls of Data Analytics
  • Examples of Fintech firms using big data to deliver solution to financial institution
Target audience


  • What is big data and data analytics 
  • Key trends in Big Data and issues data analytics can solve
  • What are the competencies (e.g. data gathering, quality, exploitation) to leverage data and how to develop them
  • Business applications of data analytics (marketing, finance, operations)
  • Presenting and articulating results
  • Promises & pitfalls of data analytics - Examples of Fintech firms using big data to deliver solution to financial institution (i.e. NG Data)
  • Case studies
& Examen

Sur demande

4 heures
Chambre de Commerce du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
voir affichage sur place (Chambre de Commerce du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg)
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
Luxembourg, L-2981
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160,00 EUR