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At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:

  • create reports with Power BI Desktop
  • manipulate data in Power Query
  • manipulate a data model in Power Pivot
  • What is Power BI?

  • Basic Concepts

  • Components of Power BI Desktop:

    • Power Query

    • Power Pivot

    • Power View

Import data
  • Load data from different sources:

    • Excel files

    • Text files

    • Relational Databases

    • Web Pages

  • Updating Data

Data Model
  • Create relationships in the data model

  • Add measures (aggregate calculations) to a table

  • Unidirectional and bidirectional filters

  • Add a column of data

  • Using date and time data

  • Introduction to DAX (Data Analysis eXpressions)

  • Create a simple report

    • Charts

    • Tables

    • Matrixes

    • Slicers

  • Add visualisations

  • Filter a page

  • Filter a report

  • Explore data from a visualisation (drill down)

Power Query
  • Transform Data:

    • Sort

    • Filter

    • Exclude rows depending on their positions

    • Data types

    • Pivoting data

    • Unpivoting data

    • Group Data

  • Duplicate a query

  • Create a reference to an existing query

  • Add columns:

    • Use the automatic features

    • Use functions

  • Combine queries:

    • Append a query to another query

    • Merge queries

  • Add parameters

  • Create a function

  • Overview of the advanced editor

Online Power BI
  • Share data by using the Microsoft Power BI services


Knowledge of the Windows work environment

Target audience

Managers, employees, project managers wishing to learn about Power BI


Course Material

The training material will be handed out at the beginning of the course.


At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate of attendance issued by the House of Training.  

Key Job S.A.
65, Avenue de la Gare
L-1611 Luxembourg
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Sessions et horaires

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  • Mon 03.06.2024

    09:00 à 16:00


    Power BI Desktop (UK)

    Key Job S.A.

  • Tue 04.06.2024

    09:00 à 16:00


    Power BI Desktop (UK)

    Key Job S.A.