Professional qualification in Risk Management


Effective risk management today is a necessity not only for banks, but also for various players across the fund industry. ALRiM, the Luxembourg Association of Risk Management Professionals, and the House of Training have therefore developed a training Programme in risk management which provides a professional qualifi cation for both these business activities as well as for professionals and managers from other areas of fi nancial services who want to acquire a solid understanding of risk management.

Target Audience

Training courses are designed to meet the needs of 3 different audiences:

  • anyone wishing to acquire fundamental knowledge in Risk Management
  • people having already a good knowledge of the fundamentals of Risk Management and wishing to acquire a solid practical understanding of Market Risk/Operational Risk/Credit Risk/Liquidity Risk
  • people having a thorough knowledge of Risk Management 
Structure and content
The programme covers three levels of sophistication, each of which comprises several training courses.
The knowledge and professional competencies of programme participants are evaluated through written examinations on the material covered in each course.
To obtain the certification Risk Management Specialist, candidates must complete 13 days of training in risk management and pass the exam for each course.
After completing the foundation of the programme, participants must choose an area of specialisation, which can be banking or investment funds.
All the modules of this training pathway are offered in English.
The courses take place at the Training Center of House of Training, in the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg.
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg
Optional exams are available for all those seeking to certifiy their experience through recognised examinations.