Cette formation est proposée sous forme de formation présentielle.



At the end of the training, the participant will be able to better understand:

  • Accounting and finance terminology

  • Practical links between accounting and budgeting

  • The importance of their personal contribution to budgeting

  • Key figures, ratios and dashboards

                                        Balance sheet, P&L statement and notes
                                                                    • What are the basic legal principles?

                                                                    • What are the elements of an annual report?

                                                                    • How are balance sheets and P&L statements structured?

                                                                    • What information can be found in a balance sheet and P&L statement?

                                                                    • What are the rules for valuing balance sheet positions?

                                                                    • What important company values are not found in a balance sheet?

                                                                    Ratios and key figures: what they contain and how to interpret them
                                                                      • Different types of earnings (EBIT, EBITDA, OCF, etc.)

                                                                      • Different categories of assets and liabilities

                                                                      • Solvency

                                                                      • Liquidity

                                                                      • Cash flow

                                                                      • Return on investment (ROI)

                                                                      • Return on equity (ROE)

                                                                      Budget planning

                                                                      • Introduction and importance of budget planning

                                                                      • Overview of fundamental principles;

                                                                      • Key definitions

                                                                      • Overview of tools.

                                                                      Target audience

                                                                      Managers and executives without an accounting or financial background (e.g. engineers, lawyers, doctors, ...) who wish to :

                                                                      • Deepen their knowledge of accounting, finance, budgeting and controlling

                                                                      • Manage their professional activities more effectively

                                                                      • Become more competent and self-confident in the field of accounting and finance

                                                                      • Ask the right questions of other professionals (e.g. accountants, banks, etc.)


                                                                      Course Material

                                                                      Please note that for environmental reasons no paper version of the training material will be provided for your training. The course material can be downloaded free of charge via your portal before the start of the course (download the Client Portal User’s Guide here). You will be able to view it on the screen of your mobile device or print it if necessary. If your registration has been made by a training manager of your company please contact him/her so that he/she can give you access to it or send it to you.


                                                                      At the end of the training, the participants will receive a certificate of participation delivered by the House of Training.

                                                                      Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
                                                                      7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
                                                                      L-1615 Luxembourg
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                                                                      • Thu 20.06.2024

                                                                        09:00 à 17:00


                                                                        Accounting and finance for managers

                                                                        Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

                                                                      • Thu 27.06.2024

                                                                        09:00 à 17:00


                                                                        Accounting and finance for managers

                                                                        Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg