Compliance - Master Class Compliance Officer in the Financial Sector

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Important information

For this “Master class” course candidates are required to introduce the Application form ( as well as a cover letter and a CV with their educational background and their work experience before the 29th June. Please note that all the applications received after this deadline will be considered for the next year registration.


  • The course is organised as a workshop where participants work interactively in several groups under the guidance and with the support of the lecturer on specified cases.
  • The purpose is to prepare for presenting the result of each group's case study in front of a jury who will assess both the group work and the individual competencies of each candidate.
  • The assessment is the condition sine qua non for each participant to be granted a professional certificate of competency.
  • The Jury is composed of Board and ALCO members appointed by the Board members.
  • The assessment will be scheduled on pre-fixed dates. All participants of a work group will have to present themselves together at the same date.


As a guide only, this Master requires approximately 40 hours of preparation work.


13/09 17h30-19h30

27/09 17h30-19h30

04/10 17h30-19h30

18/10 17h30-19h30

08/11 17h30-19h30

Registration fees

965€ + 3% VAT


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