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Compliance - Master Class Compliance Officer in the Financial Sector


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Important information

For this “Master class” course candidates are required to introduce the Application form as well as a cover letter and a CV with their educational background and their work experience before the 30th of June. Please note that all the applications received after this deadline will be considered for the next year registration.

Application form

Objectives and programme
  • The course is organised as a workshop where participants work interactively in several groups under the guidance and with the support of the lecturer on specified cases.
  • The purpose is to prepare for presenting the result of each group's case study in front of a jury who will assess both the group work and the individual competencies of each candidate.
  • The assessment is the condition sine qua non for each participant to be granted a professional certificate of competency.
  • The Jury is composed of Board and ALCO members appointed by the Board members.
  • The assessment will be scheduled on pre-fixed dates. All participants of a work group will have to present themselves together at the same date.
  • New as from 2020 !!! A one-day Soft skills programme for compliance officers/managers will now be part of the Master course in order to develop personal skills/competencies (i.e. business alignment and conflict management).


As a guide only, for any request of "Congé Individuel de Formation" (CIF), this Master requires approximately 40 hours of preparation work.









Support de cours

Pour des raisons de respect de l'environnement veuillez noter qu'aucun support papier ne vous sera fourni lors de votre formation. Votre support de cours peut être téléchargé gratuitement avant le début du cours via notre portail client (télécharger ici le guide du portail client). Vous pourrez ainsi le consulter sur l’écran de votre appareil mobile ou l'imprimer en cas de besoin. Si votre inscription a été effectuée par un responsable formation de votre entreprise veuillez le contacter pour qu'il puisse vous y donner accès ou vous l'envoyer.

Registration terms

In order to be accepted for this training, candidates need to have passed the exams of Compliance – Fundamentals and Compliance – Implementation of the regulatory framework as well as have at least three years of experience as a Compliance Officer.

To register for this training, please send us your registration file to customer@houseoftraining.lu before the last Friday of June if you wish to participate in the session that will take place in September of the same year. Registrations received after this deadline will be considered for the session of the following year. The registration file should contain the application form, a cover letter, as well as a CV listing your educational background and your work experience.

Application form

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