Environmental Crime and Money Laundering



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Languages: English

Duration: 30-minute e-learning


The course covers environmental crime and anti-money laundering as a predicate offence defined by the FATF. There are three core objectives of this course:

  • Understand what environmental crime is and the different categories that fall under this predicate offence

  • Gain an appreciation of the size and scale of environmental crime

  • Learn about the link between anti-money laundering and environmental crime and the impact this has on our society

  • What is environmental crime?

  • Size and scale of environmental crime

  • Main types of environmental crime

  • How to distinguish between legal and illegal environmental trades?

  • Environmental impact

  • Societal impact

  • World animal protection case studies

  • Market Overview

  • FATF case studies and prosecution

  • FATF predicate offences

  • AML red flags

  • FATF best practices and recommendations

Target Audience

This course is suitable for all users.

Knowledge Check

There is a knowledge check at the end of the elearning course with a standard pass mark of 80% and unlimited attempts.


Course Material

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