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Operational risk is the “risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events” (Basel Accord). Because operational risk impacts practically every area of the investment industry, it has become an important area of focus among financial service professionals. This course provides participants with a good understanding of operational risk in the fund industry and how to manage it.

  • Define operational risk in accordance with market standards
  • Identify and categorise the different causes of operational risk in the investment fund industry
  • Assess the potential impact of diverse operational risks on funds
  • Learn how to apply the operational risk management cycle
  • Identify different means of mitigating operational risk
  • Understand the different players in the fund industry and how they are impacted by operational risk
  • Introduction
  • Causes of operational risk
    • Processes
    • People
    • Systems
    • External events
  • Operational risk management cycle
    • Identification
    • Assessment
    • Mitigation and control
    • Monitoring and reporting
  • Supporting processes
    • Loss data collection process
    • Risk & control self-assessment (RCSA)
    • Key risk indicators
  • Market players
    • Transfer agents
    • Distributors
    • Fund accountants
    • Custodians/depositaries
  • Outsourcing risk
  • New product approval process
  • Other operational risks
    • Real assets
      • Private Equity
      • Real estate
  • New technology
    • A.I.
    • Financial Technology
  • Business continuity management
    • Disaster recovery plan
    • Resolution plan
    • Business continuity plan
  • Future trends
Target Audience

Financial service professionals who want to gain a good understanding of operational risk in the fund industry.


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For this training course, an optional exam is available. In case of interest, candidates can choose a date from the list of proposed examination sessions. Registration for the exam must be made at least five days before the chosen exam date. The exam is subject to a registration fee.

The examination consists of true/false and multiple-choice questions. To pass the exam, a candidate must achieve a score of at least 50% of the total points on the exam.


This module is part of the Risk Management for funds Certification. To obtain their certificate, candidates must complete 12 days of training in Risk Management for funds and pass the exam for each course. 

More details here :Professional Risk Management Certification for Funds

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
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  • lun. 28.11.2022

    08:30 à 17:30


    Risk Management - Operational Risk for Funds

    Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

  • mar. 29.11.2022

    08:30 à 17:30


    Risk Management - Operational Risk for Funds

    Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

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  • mar. 20.09.2022 08:45 à 11:45
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  • mar. 08.11.2022 08:45 à 11:45
  • mar. 15.11.2022 08:45 à 11:45
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