Cette formation est proposée sous forme de formation présentielle et à distance. En savoir plus



After the training the participant will be able to:

  • learn to prepare impactful interventions and presentations 
  • interact with a natural and composed demeanour, and understand the effect of body language and the use of charisma
  • discover ways to project confidence and enthusiasm while building credibility
  • manage adverse situations, objections and resistance
  • invigorate people to embrace change and take action
  • compile and present effective slides and presentation materials
  • Introduction to Presentation
  • Pitching and self introduction content and techniques
    • Participants come to the front of the room in turn and introduce themselves (video recorded) 
    • Diagnostic of participants’ experiences and challenges when presenting 
  • Characteristics of an audience
    • Type of audiences (internal, external, small, big, VIP, professionals, colleagues etc…)
    • Psychology and behaviour of an audience
  • Listening and memory capabilities of an audience (game)
  • Presenting Face-to-Face versus WebEx versus Videoconference: facts and tips (workshop)
  • Your preparation
    • Presentation intention and objectives
    • Structuring your message
    • Compiling your slides’ content
  • First impression, body language and perception 
  • The power of storytelling
    • Theatre-style/drama short performances to unleash confidence
  • Managing your stress and maximising your self-confidence and charisma to gain credibility
    • One or two volunteers for theatre-style/drama short performances to story-tell and unleash confidence
  • Connecting with the audience, animation and improvisation
  • Responding to pressure situations
  • Motivating others to take action 
    • Presentation Video and Debrief
    • Participants to prepare and make a presentation (individually or in pair). Topics of their choices or suggested by the trainer. 
Target audience

This training is ideal for everyone who wishes to practice key presentation techniques and to improve their confidence and charisma when delivering a speech or a presentation in English. Every participant will be given opportunities to use the group’s audience to practice and receive feedback. 


Support de cours

Pour des raisons de respect de l'environnement veuillez noter qu'aucun support papier ne vous sera fourni lors de votre formation. Votre support de cours peut être téléchargé gratuitement avant le début du cours via notre portail client (télécharger ici le guide du portail client). Vous pourrez ainsi le consulter sur l’écran de votre appareil mobile ou l'imprimer en cas de besoin. Si votre inscription a été effectuée par un responsable formation de votre entreprise veuillez le contacter pour qu'il puisse vous y donner accès ou vous l'envoyer.


At the end of the training, the participants will receive a certificate of attendance delivered by the House of Training.

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