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Structuring Alternative Investments (Private Equity, Real Estate,…) in the Post-BEPS Era via Luxembourg




Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:

  • have an understanding of how crossborder private equity and real estate investments are structured via Luxembourg
  • have an overview of the BEPS recommandations, the European Anti-Avoidance Directive and the Multilateral instrument regarding tax treaties impacting Alternative Investment structures
  • understand the importance of substance and arm’s length conditions when structuring investments
  • have a clear view on how the changes of the international tax landscape will impact Alternative Investments
  • Overview of Alternative Investments structures via Luxembourg
  • The OECD BEPS Project and related actions at EU level
  • BEPS measures and their impact on Alternative Investment structures
  • Determining and organizing the right level of substance
  • Optimizing set-ups in the new international tax environment
  • Structuring aspects
  • The importance of arm’s length conditions and transfer pricing documentation 

The lecturer is a Principal in the International and Corporate Tax department with a large tax advisory firm in Luxembourg.

A tax professional since 2011, the lecturer worked in the accounting sector for 2 years in France before focusing on international tax in Luxembourg. The lecturer has experience in relation to the structuring of Alternative Investments via Luxembourg (private equity, real estate, hedge funds, debt funds, etc.) as well as mergers & acquisitions (multinational groups). The lecturer advises clients on all direct tax aspects regarding deal structuring, maintenance, reorganisations and exit planning. The lecturer is a member of the Core Transfer Pricing Team of an independent advisory firm.


Course Material

Please note that for environmental reasons no paper version of the training material will be provided for your training. The course material can be downloaded free of charge via your portal before the start of the course (download the Client Portal User’s Guide here). You will be able to view it on the screen of your mobile device or print it if necessary. If your registration has been made by a training manager of your company please contact him/her so that he/she can give you access to it or send it to you.


At the end of the training, the participants will receive a certificate of participation delivered by the House of Training.

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg
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  • Wed 24.04.2024

    14:00 à 18:00


    Structuring Alternative Investments (Private Equity, Real Estate,…) in the post-BEPS era via Luxembourg

    Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg