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It is quite clear today for actors of the financial sector that they need to define and show how they create value to society, but even beyond, how they contribute to securing legitimacy and trust in society and help to support the financing of the evolving policy environment.

The global momentum around responsible investment is driven by:

  • increased recognition in the financial community that ESG factors play a material role

  • understanding that ESG factors are part of inves­tor’s responsibility towards their clients

  • increasing legal requirements at EU level to pro­tect the long-term interests of investors, benefi­ciaries and the wider financial system

  • peer-pressure rising from market competition fostering the need to enlarge the product offering

  • stakeholders becoming increasingly demanding regarding transparency about where and how their money is invested

  • risk-management approach to avoid value-de­stroying reputational risks. 

The course is designed for banks, asset managers, insurance companies and other relevant institutions wishing to embrace sustainability into their business models.

The course articulates around an innovative teaching style that combines theory and practical business case studies allowing candidates to concretely put into practice the main concepts and definitions learned.


Provide professionals working in the financial and banking sector with fundamental knowledge on sustainable finance.


The Sustainable Finance eco-system

  • WHY – Sustainable Finance serves the interest of a sustainable society. The financial sector can be catalyst for change in the context of ESG transition for economic systems. Its role is instrumental to the successful implementation of sustainable frameworks, such as: UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), UN Principles of Responsible Banking (UN PRB) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • WHAT - Explore the current Sustainable Finance concepts and definitions (ESG, SDG, SRI, responsible investing...) to build up a solid foundation to face upcoming business challenges. 

  • WHO - Getting to know roles and responsibilities of the main stakeholders who actively contribute to mainstream Sustainable Finance globally as well as locally.

  • HOW – Sharing industry best practices through practical business case studies.


  • The regulatory framework: current and future prospects

Sustainable finance to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • What are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

  • How can the financial system support the objectives of the SDGs?

Sustainable finance in numbers

  • Review of the latest Sustainable Finance trends, facts and figures in order to get a better understanding of the dimension and the relevance of this specific sector

Case study

  • Which actors currently have a Sustainable Finance offering? Why do they offer it? How did they implement it? Practical case studies on real implementations of Sustainable Finance initiatives from major players in Europe. Participants will make their own research during the class and debrief to the class. Results will be provided during the class.

Target audience

All professionals working in banks, asset management, insurance companies and other financial institutions who need to capture fundamental knowledge on sustainable finance. No pre-requisites are required.

Course material

The training material will be delivered at the training kick-off in English only.

What's next ?

The Sustainable Finance Foundation course together with the Advanced course is part of a training curriculum. 

The knowledge acquired in both courses will be validated through an examination. Successful candidates will be granted a certificate.

Participants successfully passing the final exam will result in the delivery of a certification.


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Sustainable Finance (Foundation)

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Sustainable Finance (Foundation)

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