Sustainable Finance - Operational Aspects (advanced)

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This advanced course is part of a 3-module programme:

  1.  Sustainable Finance: Operational Aspects (this course) - supported by Forethix

  2. Sustainable Finance: The Case of Green, Social and Sustainability Bond and ESG Funds (advanced) 

  3. Sustainable Finance: Regulatory aspects


The module Sustainable Finance: Operational aspects id provided by Forethix Academy

Unit 1

- Introduction: Key concepts are necessary in order to embrace advanced new notions related to sustainable development.  (1,5 hours)

  • Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and their consequence on climate change

  • Climate change scenario and models

- Normative context in Sustainable Finance (2 hours)

Description: Learn about framework developers, standard setters, coalitions and initiatives providing research, standards, norms and practical tools for Sustainable Finance.

Objective: Be able to select the best norms or standards to support your Sustainable Finance strategies in line with the ambitions set.

Programme : 

  • Framework developers: UN Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals, TCFD,...
  • Standard setters: GRI,SASB,ISO,...
  • Coalitions and initiatives: IPCC, IFC, 2° initiative, UNEP-Finance Initiative,...

Unit 2 - Sustainable Finance labellling (2,5 hours)

Description : 

Learn about European sustainability labelling agencies & understand their methodologies for assessing the eligibility of a financial product to their label.

Objective: Be able to understanding the assessment methodology of major Europeean labels in sustainable finance and prepare fo a labelling process.

Programme :

  • Comparative analysis of existing labels in Sustainable Finance in Europe
  • EU Ecolabel for financial products
  • Process to obtain a label: requirement, timeline, cost, due diligence framework, validity & reviewal process. With the intervention of: Sachin Vankalas, General Manager, LuxFLAG

Unit 3 - Sustainable Finance Data (2 hours)

Description: Learn about the sources of data for sustainable finance and understand the assessment approach major providers. Take a look into the methodologies of major ESG indices, ESG rating agencies, specialised data providers, how they can be used and interpreted.


  • Key concepts and market demand
  • Investment strategies relying on ESG data
  • Typical rating methodology 
  • Upcoming regulation
  • ESG rating process (Sustainalytics, CDP, MSCI...)
  • Case studies

Unit 4 - ESG transparency & reporting (3 hours)

Description : Understand theprinciples of extra-financial reporting on both sides: ESG reporting for investors and non-financial reporting for corporations.

Objective: Learn to read and interpret sustainability information from an extra-financial report.


  • Key reporting principles (materiality, double-materiality, comparability, boundaries, engagement...)
  • Metrics
  • Reporting frameworks illustrated by case studies (investors reporting, transparent policies, sustainability risk reporting, impact report, engagement/proxy voting report, corporate responsibility reports,...)
  • 10 steps to successfully prepare your report

Unit 5 - Collaborative case study (1 hour)

Description: Summarise your knowledge from Modules 1-4 playing the role of investor, lender, corporation or assessor. 

Objective: Based on real-case examples, put in practice various operational aspects of Sustainable Finance.


  • Preliminary reading and assignment will be provided to you at the end of Unit 4
  • Schedule on your own time a 1-hour individual working session in preparation of Unit 5
  • Consolidation of results, observation and feedback session with the group will take place during Unit 5

Target Audience

All professionals working in bank, asset management, insurance companies and other financial institutions who need to capture knowledge & best practices on sustainable finance.



The Operational Aspects of Sustainable Finance (Advanced) course together with the below foundation and advanced courses is part of a training curriculum. 

This training gives access to a certification after passing the exam


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Operational aspects of Sustainable finance (Advanced)

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Operational aspects of Sustainable finance (Advanced)

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Operational aspects of Sustainable finance (Advanced)

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Operational aspects of Sustainable finance (Advanced)

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Operational aspects of Sustainable finance (Advanced)

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