AI & Leadership - Revolutionising Your Organisation




This training is designed for business leaders and decision-makers who wish to understand how AI can enhance the management of their company and optimise performance.


By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • understand the implications of AI for their competitiveness

  • identify AI strategies for their company

  • grasp the priority measures to be taken within their organisation

  • identify the skills required to evolve their teams

  • The challenges and foundations of AI

  • How generative AI can improve operational efficiency, creativity, and decision-making

  • Relevant and impactful use cases for businesses

  • Awareness of the ethical implications of using generative AI

  • Best practices for using generative AI in daily tasks (e.g., Clones, GPTs)

  • How the integration of generative AI aligns with the overall company strategy and contributes to achieving long-term business goals (e.g., BMC vs AI).

  • Demonstration: how to foster the exploration of new ideas through generative AI (e.g., Storytelling)

Target Audience

Executives, C-level executives, and heads of key departments within the company (Finance, HR, Marketing, Project Management, Administration, Legal, Support Services...)


Course Material

The training material will be handed out at the beginning of the course.


Upon completion of the training, participants will receive a participation certificate issued by the House of Training

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg
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Sessions et horaires

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  • Thu 18.04.2024

    08:30 à 12:30


    AI & Leadership - Revolutionizing your organization

    Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

  • Tue 23.04.2024

    14:00 à 16:00


    AI & Leadership - Revolutionizing your organization (Remote session)

    Classe virtuelle