This e-learning course covers anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing within the Luxembourg laws, regulations and circulars. This course is

  • Suitable for all users
  • Available in English and French 

There are 3 core objectives of this interactive E-learning course:

        • You gain a basic understanding as to what money laundering and terrorist financing are. We also look at the impact that these activities have on society as a whole.

        • You gain an appreciation of the stakeholders, laws and regulations concerning anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing in the EU and Luxembourg.

        • We look at the potential impact that non-compliance with the laws could have on you or your organisation.
        • Programme

           Module 1 - Money Laundering

          • Definition

          • Predicate Offences

          • Placement, Layering and Integration

          • Scale of Money Laundering

          • Social Impact of Money Laundering

          Module 2 – Combating Terrorist Financing

          • Definition

          • Terror Attacks and Costs

          • Vulnerable Organisations

          • Comparison with Money Laundering

          Module 3 – Proliferation Financing

          • Definition

          • UN Resolution

          • Global Security

          • Red Flags

          Module 4 – Anti-Money Laundering

          • Definition

          • Global Stakeholders

          • FATF

          • FATF 40 Recommendations

          • Mutual Evaluation

          • FSRBs

          • FIU Definition & Functions

          • AML Summary

          Module 5 – AML / CTF Basics

          • Board Responsibility

          • Compliance Responsibility

          • Policies and Procedures

          • Risk Based Approach

          • Risk Levels

          • Identification and Verification

          • Beneficial Owners

          • Relationship Factors

          • Source of Funds

          • Source of Wealth

          • PEPS and Definition

          • Screening Process and Challenges

          • High Risk Jurisdictions

          • Document Retention

          • Suspicion

          • Tipping Off

          • Reporting

          • Red Flags

          Module 6 – Sanctions

          • Client Screening

          • Sanctions Definition

          • Freezing Regime

          • Screening Lists

          • Screening Challenges

          • Economic Sanctions

          Module 7 – AML Consequences

          • Global Penalties

          • Causes for Penalties

          • 5 Case Studies 2021

          • Reputational Damage

          • Impact on Employees

          Module 8 – AML / CTF in the EU

          • European Stakeholders

          • EU Directives

          • 4th Directive

          • Consequences of the 4th Directive

          • Enlarged Scope

          • Risk Assessment

          • Beneficial Owners

          • EU Guidelines

          • 5th Directive

          • 6th Directive

          Module 9 – AML / CTF in Luxembourg

          • Mutual Evaluation 2010

          • Mutual Evaluation 2022

          • 2022 Assessment Criteria

          • National Risk Assessment

          • Local Stakeholders

          • Local Laws

          • Whistleblowing Law

          • Luxembourg Predicate Offences

          • Register of Beneficial Owners

          • Luxembourg Sanctions and Penalties

          • CSSF inspections

          • CSSF Fines and Penalties

          • FIU Luxembourg

          Module 10 – Tax Crimes

          • FATF and Tax Crimes

          • Tax Crimes as Predicate Offences

          • Tax Offences

          • Sanctions and Penalties

          • 21 Common Indicators


          120 minutes + 10 minutes of questions. 

          Access to training

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          Course Material

          Please note that for environmental reasons no paper version of the training material will be provided for your training. The course material can be downloaded free of charge via your portal before the start of the course (download the Client Portal User’s Guide here). You will be able to view it on the screen of your mobile device or print it if necessary. If your registration has been made by a training manager of your company please contact him/her so that he/she can give you access to it or send it to you.

          Knowledge Check

          There is a 10 question knowledge check at the end of the e-learning course with a standard pass mark of 80% and unlimited attempts. The 10 questions are drawn randomly from a larger bank of questions. Each attempt will draw a different mix of questions.