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This is a specialist AML elearning course designed specifically to conform to the requirements of the CSSF for investment fund professionals. The course provides an annual update on general AML matters and then progresses to look at the specialist area of AML risk for investment funds in Luxembourg.


  • You gain a basic understanding as to what money laundering and terrorist financing are. We also look at the impact these activities have on society as a whole.

  • You gain an appreciation of the stakeholders, laws and regulations concerning anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing in the EU and Luxembourg.

  • You gain an understanding of the AML risks posed by Investment Fund products and services.

  • You can identify potential AML red flags on client transactions; and

  • You have an awareness of AML examples and typographies relevant to Investment Funds.


+/- 2 h (licence remains active for 6 months)

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The registration fees are 75€+ VAT.

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