Hedge Funds - Fundamentals

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The objective of this module is to provide the participant with an introductory overview of hedge funds, their main strategies and risk and performance measures.


  • Definitions and basic concepts
    • History and definitions : origin, concept, structure &legal framework
    • An asset class in its own right
    • Impact of hedge funds on the financial markets
    • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Main hedge funds strategies
    • Convertible arbitrage, Merger Arbitrage, Event driven, Distressed securities, Equity market neutral, Equity long short, Fixed-income arbitrage, Global macro, Managed futures
  • Risk and performance measures for hedge funds
  • Basic concepts : risk, return, volatility and Net Asset Value
  • Risk : 5 technical risk ratios
  • …and their shortcomings
  • Value at risk
  • Benchmarking hedge funds
  • Case studies


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Hedge Funds - Fundamentals

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