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Outlook - Tips & Tricks to Enhance your Productivity


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Customise display, automate repetitive tasks, create standard emails to enhance your productivity. Learn useful tips to avoid being overwhelmed by incoming emails.

  • Email sending options
    • Postpone sending an email to facilitate your time management
    • Specify a different reply address (i.e. a functional, a colleague's or your manager's mailbox)
    • Facilitate group work, and decision making, using the voting buttons
    • Schedule quickly a meeting based on an email
  • Automation and consistency of sent emails
    • Create Quick Parts (reusable text blocks)
    • Automate repetitive tasks with Quick Steps
    • Create an Outlook template for redundant emails
  • Increase efficiency by customizing the standard Outlook view
    • Deactivate the new email notification to no longer suffer the email arrival
    • Delete automatically the individual read receipts
    • Apply conditional formatting for important emails or appointments
    • Create a custom view to access quickly your important Outlook items
    • Tips for focusing on emails sent directly to you
    • Customize the priority level by adding a custom field
  • Good practices
    • The 4 D method for a better organisation
  • Know Windows environment. Know basic functions of Outlook.
  • Training not relevant for Mac'Intosh and Outlook for Mac owners.


Course Material

The training material will be handed out at the beginning of the course.

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