Risk Management - Workshop on Risk Management for Banks

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An integral part of the House of Training/ALRiM Risk Management Certification Programme is a two-day workshop in which the participants apply the knowledge that they acquired during the programme.


The first day of the workshop includes a review of all the material covered in the programme and several exercises to be carried out in small groups. On the second day, each participant will be given a fictitious, but realistic risk event that could occur in a bank. The participants will analyse the risk and create a project to address it. The projects will be presented to a jury of risk experts, who will evaluate the participants’ presentations and assign marks to them. The mark assigned by the jury will account for 20% of the participant's overall performance for the entire programme.


Each project presentation will be structured as follows:

  • Project description

  • Risk description

    • Detailed description of the risk using Basel categories

    • Risk factors and causes 

    • Actual and potential losses

  • Risk resolution

    • Analysis of the risk and possible causes

    • Strategy for addressing the risk

    • Concrete steps to address the risk

  • Obstacles

  • Preventive measures to be implemented

Target Audience

This training course has been designed for a broad audience, i.e. for anyone wishing to acquire fundamental knowledge in Risk Management.


Each participant will be allotted 30 minutes to present his/her project to the jury and answer questions from the jury.


This module is part of the Risk Management Certification. To obtain their certificate, candidates must complete 12 days of training in Risk Management and pass the exam for each course. 

More details here: Professional Risk Management Certification


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Risk Management – Workshop for Banks

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Risk Management – Workshop for Banks

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