Structured Products - Fundamentals

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At the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of structured products, having analysed:

  • What they consist of and their main component parts.

  • Their development and peculiarities within the overall framework of issues offered (EMTNs, funds, certificates/warrants…) as well as the impact of the Lamfalussy plan on public issues. In what way they are of interest to both issuers and investors.

  • Their own particular terminology (protected capital and capital at risk, guaranteed and non-guaranteed coupon, callable structured product, launch/payment date and maturity date, directional structured products, promise structured products, mixed structured products).

  • The associated risks and risk classes to which they are likely to belong depending on their level of protection (secure structured products, dynamic structured products, speculative structured products).

  • The circumstances of their launch as well as the parties involved (technical committee, risk committee, commercial committee) and events characterising their life cycle.

  • The underlying assets on which it is possible to establish them and how to use them effectively in managing a portfolio.


  • History and origin of structured products
  • International development and regulatory framework
    • Types of issue
    • Structured products within the context of mifid
    • European prospectus including “advantages and inconveniences”
    • Diversity of the range of structured products
  • Democratisation and diversity of structured products
    • Issuers’ interest
    • Clients’ interest
    • Issue volumes
  • Identification of the vocabulary used for characterising structured products
    • Guaranteed capital
    • Non-guaranteed capital
    • Guaranteed coupon
    • Non-guaranteed coupon
  • Launch of a structured product
    • The idea of the launch
    • Validation of the launch
      • Minimum amount to be achieved
      • Examination of the launch conditions
  • Development of the underlying assets
    • Equity
    • Rate / foreign exchange
    • Commodity
  • Structured products as a portfolio management instrument
    • Awareness of use as an investment tool
  • Introduction to trading on the structured products market
  • The importance of the maturity date and behaviour on maturity

Course material

The training material will be handed out at the beginning of the course.


For this training course, an optional exam is available. In case of interest, candidates can choose a date from the list of proposed examination sessions. Registration for the exam must be made at least five days before the chosen exam date. The exam is subject to a registration fee.


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