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  • To understand the legal and regulatory framework of UCIs
  • To understand the process of setting up an UCI
  • To master meetings of the corporate bodies of UCIs
  • To master amending UCIs’ documentation
  • To understand the operations of liquidation and contribution to another UCI


  • Setting up a fund (UCI)
    • Generalities
    • Procedures
    • Particularities regarding funds with multiple sub-funds
    • Public offering
    • Distribution
    • Request for listing on the Luxembourg Stock exchange
  • Modification of the Constitutive documents of a fund (UCI)
    • Generalities
    • Investment companies
    • Mutual funds
  • Modification of the prospectus of a fund (UCI)
    • Procedures
    • Investor information
  • Company Meetings
    • Annual general meeting (AGM)
    • Board Meetings
  • Events occurring during the life of a fund
    • Replacement of directors
    • Replacement of an auditor
    • Filing of accounts
    • Change of the company address

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"The trainer was just great!" / "Very well presented, excellent technical backgroud, compliments to the course presenter" / "Many interesting questions have been asked to the trainer who gave "real life" answers based on the practice and the rules"


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ven. 02.10.2020 à 08h30

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UCIs - Incorporation and Legal Life

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