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Business English - Working with Confidence in International Teams

Développement Personnel



Participants will be able to apply their English language and wider professional skills to more effectively contribute to international teams. Participants will develop strategies in overcoming barriers to international communication and enhance their understanding of cultural differences in the use of English. They will be better able to adapt their communication between formal and semi-formal.

Particular emphasis is placed on enhancing powerful writing skills for communication across virtual platforms, which have become integral to our modern work environment.


After the training the participant shall be able to :

  • Use a wide range of expressions in effectively contributing to international teams

  • Understand key language differences between UK, American and European English

  • Develop an awareness of the languages differences across cultures in making introductions and finishing spoken and written communications

  • Understand a wide range of common phrasal verbs, acronyms and business idioms that can block understanding in international teams

  • Develop language structures in responding to difficult questions, seeking clarification and in overcoming challenges within international teams.

  • Develop a deeper understanding and sensitivity to cultural differences both in terms of customs, greetings and communication style

  • More effectively differentiate between formal and semi-formal when communicating in international teams, this will include utilising messenger/chat functionality in virtual meetings

  • Develop a wider range of strategies in overcoming obstacles blocking effective communication in international teams

  • Enhance their spoken confidence and fluency when working in international teams

  • More effectively manage and respond to difficult questions

Approach : 

The course is based on a set of interactive case studies designed around realistic scenarios at work which develop the English language and wider professional skills of participants.

Target audience

This is an inclusive course designed for professionals across both the private and government sectors looking to improve their performance working for international teams in English.


B1 or above in the CEFR levels. To access the course effectively it is helpful but not essential to have professional experience working in international teams.


Course Material

No course materials are available for this course.

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg
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  • Wed 19.06.2024

    08:30 à 12:30


    Business English : Working with confidence in International Teams

    Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg