Bank Accounts and Payment Services

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After this course, you will have a good general knowledge of bank accounts and payment instruments, their legal and regulatory framework and their specific terminology, having analysed the following in details.

With regard to bank accounts:

  • The reasons why a customer entrusts his money to a bank
  • The general conditions to be approved before opening a bank account
  • Legal capacity conditions
  • The checks that any banking institution must carry out and the documents required for opening an account (individuals and companies)
  • Types of account and types of power of attorney / mandate
  • The main accounts and services offered by a banking institution
  • The formalities to be carried out for closing an account
  • The main testamentary principles to be taken into account in an estate

With regard to payment services:

  • Legal framework et European harmonization
  • The different instruments of payment and their operational aspects 
  • Bank transfers: their peculiarities, types of beneficiaries, payment routes and new pricing provisions
  • Electronic payments: cash withdrawal cards, telephone banking, New-Multiline, e-banking
  • Cheques, domiciliations....

This module is also ideal for new bank employees. It provides an overview of all the various areas to be gone into in further depth and can thus easily constitute an introduction to banking education.


    • Why does the client seek a banking relationship?
    • The account
    • Opening an account (individuals)
      • Capacity
      • Interview
      • Decision to open an account
      • Refusing, freezing and closing a new relationship
  • The bank’s General Terms and Conditions
    • Documents
    • Power of attorney
    • Death of the account holder
      • Opening an account (companies)
      • Professional obligations
      • The various banking products
          • Systems of payment
          • Instruments of payment
            • Domiciliations
            • Bank transfers
            • Cheques
            • Cards
            • Electronic payments
              • Legal framework : harmonisation at EU level


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Bank Accounts and Payment Services-Fundamentals

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