UCIs Fund Accounting - Standard Transactions

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To follow this course the participant is required to know the charts of accounts relating to subscriptions and redemptions; purchases and sales of shares and bonds; provisions and amortisations; term deposits

  • The key objectives of this course are:
    • to understand the charts of accounts relating to investor transactions
    • to understand the charts of accounts relating to investment transactions
    • to understand the key valuation principles relating to assets and liabilities in foreign currencies
    • to understand the basics and key steps of the NAV computation


  • Refresher
    • Subscription/Redemption
    • Purchase/Sale of security
    • Term deposits
  • Investor transactions
    • Types of units
    • Switches
  • Investment transactions
    • Currency other than that of the sub-fund
    • Dividends
    • Warrants
    • Corporate actions
  • Valuation of assets
    • Investment portfolio
    • Assets in foreign currencies
  • NAV calculation
    • Reconciliations
    • Charges
    • Repartition
    • Equalisation


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